Uflo is a cloud-based software for architects and urban designers. It helps teams collaborate and make smarter data-backed design decisions. Collaboration is crucial in architecture, that is why Uflo creates a digital ecosystem that closely resembles the typical studio environment. Uflo streamlines the design process, it helps integrate data early on and generates site specific solutions.



Improve accuracy of your conceptual design proposals:

  • Manage complex data of large-scale projects 

  • Reiterate faster: import your data and make design revisions in one workspace

  • Easily identify the mismatch between data and generated geometry (coming soon)

Reduce overtime

  • Save time on sketching and massing

  • Meet your clients budgets

Easy to use

  • Access from anywhere in the world 

  • No prior software installation or knowledge

Collaboration (coming soon)

  • Collaborate with your teammates and adjacent industry professionals